Aug 31

Hello folks, we are heading into the third night. The command center of GER 1 wa…

Hello folks,
we are heading into the third night. The command center of GER 1 was busy the hole day. Calculating the tracks, observing the weather and the other teams. FRA 1, FRA 2, GER 1 and GER 2 are S of Sardinia. It seems that they all not going to land on Sardinia. So what comes next. Italy offers some other possibilities and last but not least Malta is also within the competition area.
Wilhelm and Matthias are doing really well. The complete day was very stable over the sea. D-OTLI is flying really well and all technique is working. Air traffic control is no problem. The GB headquarter opens the airspace of the northern african countries just to be sure that they getting no trouble there.
Monday morning we are going to see a head to head race. FRA 1 and GER 1 are close together. In the morning they can see each other. From the current positions the track of GER 2 and FRA 2 are not as good as the track of GER 1 and FRA 1. But who knows what this night brings to the teams. We are in contact with the balloon every two hours to make sure they are on the track and the weather conditions are not changing.

Greetings to our friends in Command Center of FRA 1 and FRA 2! You are doing a great job making this race as challenging as possible!! ;)

Watch the live tracking:

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