Aug 26

GER II reaches the Ocean

Matthias and Wilhelm reaching the coast. Followed by the French and Suisse team(s). Our chase crew starts this morning in Nancy. They also have a tracker:!mt=roadmap&z=11&call=a%2FDC2EH-2&timerange=36000&tail=36000
Also GER 1 is flying this direction but we have no idea about their intentions.

Aug 26

Good Morning France, we are watching you :-)

The team Zenge/Eimers doing well. Spain is possibile. The still have enough ballast for the next night and are fighting to win the race. Not easy against the French and Suisse team.
As you see the french command center withe their meteo man Luc Trulleman. Their command center have more persons than the official command center and also their own weather man.
Also they are flying the french made balloon. 100kg lighter and complete white inside and outside. The basket is about 10 kg. They can carry minimim 100kg more ballast and need only 1-3 bags for night cooling from our side of view. Our team wants to reach the last landpiece in portugal and try to win the race. Also a noaa calculation from Luc is enclosed.